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Flowers alone don’t last forever

When life takes a heartfelt turn, it may not always be a good memory. But with my handmade jewelry it can always be special for you and others. You can keep the best and happiest thoughts in

Memories In Beads

Mothers are so very special

Share a blessing of your Loving Mom  and/or Grandmother. They’re here for us as we grow older. But when we’re out on our own they worry. Order a special piece of jewelry to wear and keep her in your thoughts every day. It’ll be a reminder to just give her a call to let her know how much you miss and love her. 


Memorable Weddings 

When your ‘once in a lifetime’ wedding day is here, you’ll want to always have your flowers as a remembrance of your special day. Send me a few flowers of your choice. You’ll have them in a jewel for keeping in years to come. 


You have now begun your new life’s journey. You have GRADUATED and now Life is all yours. May it bring you many great opportunities. Give a gift of school colors in a bracelet or necklace for a special someone. You may separate from your best friend(s). Why not get extras to remember each other and keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 


Any occasion can be kept in a jewelry piece.

My handmade jewelry isn’t for just the ones mentioned. They can be for Father’s Day, Engagements, Communions, Prom, School Or Team colors, Promotions, Anniversaries, Birthday birthstones and others. I’ll do my best to make as close to the colors as per request. 

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