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CONTACT: Colleen Dufrene

844 McDonald Road

Sugartown, Louisiana 70662

Please drop me an email. Be sure to include your phone number.  I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Required when sending flowers:

Please wrap, in a dry paper towel, 2-4 of any kind of flowers you would like to use. Rose buds need to be broken and pulled off the stem. Only the petals of the flowers will be used.  Other flowers only, (removed from their stems) wrap in the dry paper towel, send to my address listed above. (The stems are not needed and will not be used).  I need to receive them in 3-5 days. Please include which tone(s) you would like the chain connections to be in. (Listed below). Also, the color you want your beads. Be sure to send an email, or please call and leave me a message on the phone, that your flowers are on the way. 💐

New Pricing changes as of June 1st, 2021

Necklace sizes and prices each Item:

18”-20” = $40.00

22”-24” = $45.00

26”-28” = $50.00

30”-32” = $55.00

33” or longer = $65.00

*** See below

   Full Rosary = $95.00

Rosary Bracelet = $50.00

Bookmarks = $20.00

Earrings pierced or clip = $15.00

Bracelet sizes and prices each item:

    Small  6.5” = $25.00

Medium  7.0” = $35.00

    Large 7.5” = $45.00

X-Large 8.0” = $50.00

*** See below

            Hairpin = $25.00

          Keychain = $20.00

Door Hangers = $40.00

Rearview Mirror Hangers = $60.00

Cash, Paypal, local checks and money orders accepted. 

Payable to: Colleen Dufrene

Thank you for allowing me to fulfill your request. Your business is greatly appreciated. 

God bless everyone during this time.

Tone of connecting chain to beads;

Silvertone - most popular

Goldtone - most popular





Color of beads;

Any colors are available. If a specific or odd color is needed, I will do my best to match it for you. 

****NOTE: If multi colored beads are requested per item, there is an additional cost of $25.00 each item. No exceptions.

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